I'm DJ Boab Spence.

Dj, Broadcaster, Artist Management At Darkroom Djs Radio! As a DJ I'm known for my hard hitting club DJ sets in the Techno, Tech House, Rhythmic Noise, Hardstyle, Aggrotech and Industrial Dance genres.

Breaking down boundaries in the Electronic Music fields while promoting myself to the best labels and artists. Originally from Glasgow, I sold my soul to raise enough money to buy my first 1210’s some years ago. Since then I've had a numerous amount of them, i seem to keep breaking them!

They took my passion to a new level, not in the normal way that you enjoy spinning a few tunes, but in the obsessive way that “real life” goes out of the window!! i have a pretty basic philosophy on the music i play… if it rocks, PLAY IT....

It's yersel! In deep thought some random time around 2014.

My son Cooper and myself in late 2017 he was 1 year old then.

One of my early pictures with Cooper in 2016 aged just 2 weeks old.



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